Friday 28th January 2022,
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Michelle Obama Calls Herself A Busy Single Mother

Michelle Obama Calls Herself A Busy Single Mother

The media is always going after politicians for their gaffes on or off camera.  But rarely do you catch one from the First lady.  At least one that someone notices enough to report on.

During an interview with CBS, Michelle Obama accidentally referred to herself as a “busy single mother,” before quickly correcting the error.

Or was it an error?  The tabloid devil on our left shoulder want’s to wonder if the marriage has been over for a long time, but they were forced to hold it together to win the election, and keep it up now while B.O. is in office to avoid any humiliation and bad press.

The devil on our other shoulder (because lets be honest, there’s a devil over each shoulder) says while that scenario sounds awesome, it probably was just what it was, a flub, a gaffe, something she’s pretty used to hanging around Joe Biden.

But then again there was the fundraiser this week where President Obama called California Attorney General Kamala Harris, “easy on the eyes” and “by far the best-looking Attorney General.”   That was no gaffe.  She is easy on the eyes.  POTUS was just being honest.   An honest politician.  Who’d have thought?

(President Obama did later issue an apology for the remarks)

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